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[GAMES][ART][NEWS] Long wrap-up


Long vacations leads to lazy days, and I am no exception. I have been playing video games too much lately, causing me to compromise my other hobbies. All in all, finally got to finish an art request from last year with a lot of self-convincing and willpower, and now I can sleep assured. This one is for my lecturer and as promised from months ago, I’ll tell you the backstory.

To those of you who know me, I am certain a lot of you will know that I don’t usually flash my drawings everywhere, and more so to my lecturers, because, really, there’s no benefit to it in my opinion. I’m not really against people who show off their drawings; in fact showing off is essential in the art field to get support so don’t take it the wrong way. Anyway, it all happened by a slip of the tongue; I answered that my hobbies were drawing and playing video games. One question led to another and my lecturer was able to, I don’t know how, convince me to show her some samples of my drawings. So I showed her that Corbin ‘Floating Dream’ drawing and she was impressed I guess. On weekends, her professor would come to visit us, and a conversation began about my drawings. One of them suggested that I make a drawing for each of them and they got really enthusiastic about it, and I agreed because it is the least that I can do to repay them for what they have done for me. You have no idea how much they helped me when I was over there, living on my own. Telling about the numerous wonderful deeds they have done to me would require an entire new post.

Remember that previous drawing of a-girl-that-was-jumping-in-water-with-dragonflies-everywhere-thing? That’s for my professor, she loves animal prints and dragonflies. Almost all of her items and clothing has animal prints, and ironically, she is a zoologist. If I remember correctly, she has a specialty in dragonflies and spiders. She is just like that, energetic and cheerful, always laughing, though not actually young.

And this one is for my lecturer, an embryologist, who loves owls very much, almost like an obsession or something. She is the calm and collected type with a motherly aura.


In this picture, I tried my very best to separate the elements by layers as it helps tremendously in coloring within the bounds. However, lighting is incorrect and all over the place because I was concentrating on different elements at the same time. Obviously, this image was referred heavily from Odin Sphere. Best game ever.


This is something to be happy about, a heavy burden has just been lifted. Time to move onto other requests, but first, time for some video games.



Speda, from Dark Chronicle/Dark cloud 2, is an annoying mini-game. Well, it’s just annoying because I am very bad at it. Plus, it looks like golf and it plays like golf, and if you haven’t known me for a long time then let me tell you that I do not like golf for no apparent reason. Booted this game up a few days ago and has just recently reached the 24 hour mark, which I suppose, can be defined as me playing the game for quite a while. You would think that I would get better at this mini game as time passes. In actual fact, I have not. Previously, I played this game on my console box and what a frustrating game this is. It is possible to skip this golf game altogether, but then it would be like not playing the whole game at all. Thus, I resort to alternatives.

Thank God for save states. The rewards have been bountiful and I am grateful.

Dark Souls


Dark Souls is a crazy game with an incredible lore. It’s not for everyone, because apparently, a lot of people complain that it is very difficult. It’s difficult, but not actually entirely difficult (I’m contradicting myself here). Initially, everything will appear impossible, thus, it requires you to be clever and study your enemy well. Not doing so can spell your own death and transform you into a cursing monster, like what I’ve been through because I found that I am actually a very brash, greedy and inattentive person. Anyway, I recently finished the game, and to be honest,  the so-called ‘Good’ ending made me depressed. Good or bad, both the endings are actually equally depressing nonetheless. Not because it’s told poorly, but the whole setting where the game sets off has the atmosphere of such, and I believe the developers really do intend to provoke that feel. And what a good job they did. You would think that by saving the world, people would live happily ever after. Indeed, you did go through hell but for what cause? To save the world and it’s inhabitants as an untold hero whose deeds will be unheard of? To end it all so that you can finally lay rest like past warriors or just because someone made up some legend that you were the chosen one and you just did as you were told?

This game has also made me realize the importance of good, proper armor and has some of the best eye-candy armor I have ever seen. That being said, I don’t play a lot of games though, so I am highly biased. You can’t roll around efficiently in heavy armor, and light armor will send you to your grave when combating stagger-inducing enemies (max stats don’t count). And with that, I proceed to try my hand at drawing some armor. It’s not going so well.serie

In case you were wondering, that feminine-looking guard is a girl, and that girl was intended to be Seirie, peeking out of her disguise while she is up to no good.

Highly recommend this game, but you have been warned: butt-loads of frustrations awaits. Next-up video sessions.



Hyouka is an animated series of a young man in high school who wants to live an energy efficient life. To everyone else, it means he simply wants to be lazy. Even his face looks lazy, just look at him. Before she graduated from high school, his sister bequeathed upon him to revive the classic literature club which is dying due to loss of members. Because he has nothing else to do, he does it. Thus, he meets and makes new friends on the way and solve mysteries and rumors of the school i.e. why is a book called ‘Hyouka’, is there a ghost in the music room, etc. just like what you would expect from your typical anime bullcrap. However, Hyouka is different. Other than the fantastic animation quality, that lazy protagonist I was talking about really knows how to use his head once in a while, though he does not make his abilities apparent with his exam marks. He solves the mysteries of the school all the while keeping in mind that he has to do it in an energy efficient way. That means getting someone else to do the job while he conserves energy.

It is much more text based rather than action driven, so the more action-seeking audience would much more likely turn away. However, give this series a chance and hopefully, you’ll like it.

To be truthful, I have only watched one half of the series before Carnelian disappeared. But I do believe, based on the episodes that I have watched that it will stay good throughout the series.

Kigeki (Comedy)


This 10 minute animation depicts a short story of a five year old girl in Ireland who resorted to a swordsman to save her village. In exchange for doing so, she offered him not money or riches, but a book. The characters and settings appear plain but the animation is great coupled with the compact, simple plot and good narrative. If you’re interested, a video is available at Youtube.


Confessions is a Japanese movie which tells a story from multiple perspectives about a teacher whose one and only daughter was recently found dead at the school pool. The police concluded that it was an accident, but the teacher knew that something wasn’t right. Devastated, the teacher sought the perpetrators who were responsible to avenge her child’s death. The culprits were none other than 2 students in her own class, each with their own motives for murder. Due to the fact that her students were underage, they would be protected by juvenile law if she were to act directly. Thus, the teacher devised a plan to infect the children with a virus so that they would learn to appreciate the value of life.

Holidays are almost over. Wish it was longer but then my brain would rust from lack of use. I wonder if WP has a word limit. I better stop here.

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