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[ART] Choking



Always ask permission if you’re gonna do the Heimlich.

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[ART] A child skips at the age of 4



Someone asked me what is this ‘skip’ thing once.

I… couldn’t explain it in my mother tongue.
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Lukisan tidak berkaitan.

Saya ada benda nak cerita?


Banyak sebenarnya, tapi tiada rasanya.


By the way, if you press Tab in Sai, you can get a larger space to draw. Press tab again if you don’t like the menu disappearing.

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Haven’t drawn for some while. Last time I did was before that exam and throughout the whole holiday I didn’t use my tablet even though I paraded it everywhere. Throughout the whole journey back to good old urbanization and smog city, I had this immense urge to just sit and draw. The only thing that was in my head was to colour an image which is really colourful with flashy lights and has loads of detail and at the same time, nothing will make sense. Came up with something like this last night and it didn’t look at detailed as I expected it to be. Though, I just know its gonna turn into a fiasco once I start adding in colours, so right now just adding values to get them right before sorting it out becomes a pain in the neck. Because lines behave differently once you give them depth, and I take an eternity to make it right.


Corbin looks different every time I draw him.

Been playing a lot of video games because it helps me stay awake. I expected to win this game by a month; didn’t turn out that way with the constant resetting and zoning in and out and stat GRINDING. Recently, managed to complete the quest The Fallen, which for those who don’t know (and yeah, I’m not really expecting anyone to know because this game isn’t that popular) is crazy imposhibru. If you’re someone like me and read that crazy imposhibru quest and thought, eleh mesti boleh punya takkan susah sangat kot, then…

…I dunno, just try it out.


I’m not playing on hard mode or new game plus but I did stat grind. Rush ran in there with just a pair of ninja katanas, haha.

One thing though, the music in this game is great.

And then there’s this girl.


I’ve played this game once before; during that time, I thought this game was linear and the battles were really random. This time, however, I’ve noticed all sorts of things that I missed out. Simply put, this game is way, way better then Square’s more mainstream entries.

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[KDP] I am taking an exam in 30 minutes and I am drawing animu men with retarded eyes

asfasd10 MINUTES MORE!


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