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[ART] Vienna

Salam.vienna 3

If I have to colour another frill, I swear to God Almighty, my fingers are gonna turn into swan-necks.

I increased the contrast a bit, looking at the picture for too long made it look really really dull.

Anyway, happy belated-like-mad birthday. I am always late. My sincerest apologies. What I noticed though, was that it has been raining a lot a few days ago, now were getting sunny days back to back. Did you have your birthday while in the rain? I hope you like the sound of rain, then. I personally think it’s calming and maybe, can make you smile like Vienna right here, though, there’s no sign of rain in the picture.

But then, there’s no rain anymore is there? Thou, we can always pretend it’s raining:-

Wait, what am I talking about.

Anyway, on an unrelated note.

Yesterday, while I was on my way to my parents house on one early morning, I made a conclusion that people who drive white cars are jerks.

Usually white cars are the one who drives like mad, and speeds, and highlights everyone in all three lanes in 6.20am in the morning and keeps ‘mencucuk’ my car’s butt despite the right lane being goddamned empty and has their windows tinted and has their car plastered with stickers of who-knows-what everywhere, and–


As I back up into my parent’s garage, I noticed another car parked beside me.

It’s my brother’s newest car.

It was white in colour.


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[ART] Butterfly Fragment



I was thinking of giving a bookmark of the above picture to my lecturer(s), but I’m worried that they might think I’m some kind of psychopath for drawing/giving something like this as a bookmark.

What do you think?

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