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[ART] Cancer


I hope no one will be offended.


And congratulations to my seniors who finally graduated! Now you will have to proceed to a lifetime of hell on earth!

Have fun!

Ps: I have no idea why every time I add an image, it always directs to the thumbnail version. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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[NEWS] Nothing else to do?


I haven’t been able to sit and draw much since entering this rotation. And if I do have some free time, I fill it with playing video games to release some endorphins.

Well, if I manage to win that is. If I don’t then the opposite happens.

And because of that my drawing has been lacking these past few days. Anatomy is all over the place. While playing around with my tablet, I realize I’m really bad at drawing scenery, thus initiating this short term motivation to start learning how to get good. So I decided to use pictures of scenery that once-upon-a-time a friend of mine used to take during her hikes as reference. Sadly, she doesn’t post anymore, but I’m not complaining. But she is still taking photos.


IT LOOKS SO FLAT I don’t know why.


With the upcoming professional exam, a lot of my seniors (seniors, heh) are getting worked-up and emotional. Yeah, the exams are pretty nerve-wrecking, like what happened to me, and that wasn’t a professional exam. Instead of revising within these last few days, they proceed with updating their statuses on facebook or twitter on a daily basis.

I’m not complaining; I’m just thinking out loud. Mayhap this is a form of coping with stress and that revising will just make them more stressed out? I don’t know. I’m not in their shoes so I wouldn’t understand.


If you want to hear me complain, then, sure.

Why does my pen like to mess with me every time I’m writing notes? And I just brought it.

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Sorry for any wrongdoings of mine
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