[ART] Quickie before class starts

05 May


Well to be honest, I actually started drawing last night until midnight.

New posting, new resolve, etc etc. Right now, we’re dealing with something non-organic; something blood tests can’t pick up.

Yes, we are dealing with disorders of the human mind.

Apparently, there’s a difference between hallucinations, illusions and delusions, between hearing a third person voice, a second person voice and pseudo-hallucination, between hypochondriasis, nihilistic and malingering, between a coma and a stupor, between brief psychotic disorder, schizophrenia and schizophreniform and the list continues.

And apparently, you need to know the difference for each and every one.

I was sitting in class with just… like.. huehuehue.

Well, that’s it though. Nothing else which was interesting happened.

Thanks for viewing~
Sorry for any wrongdoings of mine~
And have a nice day~
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Posted by on 05/05/2014 in Berita, Lakaran, Lukisan


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