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[KDP] Anger Management



Everything is in progress until I get enough motivation.


Everyone is busy these days, even me. Busy fitting in with my new classmates, busy revising, busy running around like an idiot. Though that’s a pretty poor excuse for not updating. I’ve been doing stuff that’s for sure, and some stuff happened now and then but at that time, I didn’t think it was appropriate to write about it. Now that time has passed and people might have already forgotten about it, maybe now is appropriate.

I love beating a dead horse.

The second last day of my last semester would be known to me as the worst day for that particular year. At that time, my group has been going to class by bus for a few days, and all was well. Thank God for free transport, I am forever grateful. But on that day, I decided to go by car because some stuff came up, and I needed to have reliable transport.

That reliable transport being my own transport. It’s as reliable as it gets.

The bus leaves campus at 7am but by car, you can reach campus even if you leave at 7.20 am. So long as you don’t have passengers who enjoy making you wait. So that’s what I did. Lo and behold, when I went to start up my baby, I found that the front windshield is crack.

Cracked. Right through the middle, about a foot long.

At that time, a string of names and people went through my mind and I came to the conclusion that it has to be the guys who were playing ball at the court who cracked my screen. My car is parked too far from the main road for a stray stone to have hit my car. But, I haven’t driven my car for two days, and I didn’t register any names of those who I saw playing ball in the afternoon about one to two days ago. Yes, I parked my car near a futsal court with ridiculously low fences, but  if they actually told me they did it and came up clean then I wouldn’t mind as much but now that it’s come to this, …THIS.

I was very mad.

To make matters worse, I bumped into the person I was not on good terms with and that person quite frankly ordered asked pleaded me to drive us all to class… I have no time to deal with this crap and to reason with that person in the middle of the road with ‘I hate you, get lost’ so I let ’em in anyway because we were already late.

Then, there was an accident on the road which was the only route to our destination resulting in bad traffic. And the not-so-secret-stowaway smartass right here begins telling all sorts of theories as to why the road is clogged etcetera when it’s just a dumb accident and I have to hear that person talk while controlling my anger; which is burning my fuse very, very fast. It was a miracle I didn’t get into an accident, considering that I tend to be reckless when I am emotionally unstable.

We were obviously late; everyone else was already there because they left early by bus. The lecturer didn’t really mind and I was thankful for that, but there was another lecturer who made me look like an ass for coming late. He wasn’t even a lecturer for that subject. He was just there for being lawl im so randumb am i fahney yet. For the next three to four hours, all of us was stuck with this jerk lecturer who made lame jokes and enjoys to meng-gasak me because he hates my guts.


I hate his guts too but measly lil’ student has no right to do that.

While Mr. Jerk was making a clown out of himself, I texted my brother about the cracked screen. I swore to find the culprit who cracked my shield and tear that person to pieces. I was thinking of threatening the person to admit in my college’s social network group, lodge a complain, swear up and down, curse that person with cancer, make a facebook status telling the whole world, take a picture and post this on my blog, etc, all sorts of nasty stuff. My brother just told me to chill and send the car for repairs because we both know that no one is gonna show up and there’s no point in wishing bad things towards other people. Might as well pray for good health and success for them and hope that it doesn’t happen again because doa orang teraniaya makbul (prayers of those who were violated tend to come true -or something like that). Worse things has happened and I should be grateful that it’s just a cracked shield.

Despite Mr Jerk still being a jerk in the background, that conversation calmed me down a bit. A friend of mine sitting behind me whispered that today my luck is the worst ever and I had a good chuckle hearing that because it’s true.

In the afternoon, another lecturer attended us and literally kicked Mr Jerk out of class. Afterwards, exams and holidays happened and my dad dragged me out of the house to repair my car. Long story short, we came to a workshop that my dad liked and before handing in the keys to the foreman for repairs, he asked how common was it for people to come with cracked/broken screens. The guy said that it’s actually quite common, sometimes it get’s cracked because a stone or rock gets sent flying when the grass is being trimmed with that backpack sort-of machine-thing.

I was like, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Yeah, there was some grass cutting going on during those two days that I didn’t drive my car. I remember commenting to my friend that cut grass smells nice.

Thank God I had someone with a clear head who told me to pipe down when I was angry. I couldn’t think straight. I was this close to making a fool out of myself. Now my baby’s windshield is replaced with a new one, the only thing that’s left is that I have to layer a new tint because apparently, the old one was tinted albeit slightly.

I never noticed it.

Anyway, end of story. Everyone go home.

Thanks for viewing~
Sorry for any wrongdoings of mine~
Selamat Hari Raya and have a nice day~

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