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This drawing was really ambitious when I started out. Initially it was just Mark and Corbin. And then what the heck, might as well add Yew, too. And I was actually gonna have two fishes, more toys and loads of stuff at the top but halfway through, I was like ehhhhh, tak larat laa.

I’ve started noticing a pattern here. I always start drawing all these ambitious drawings when I’m stressed. I don’t want to study or play games, I just want to draw. Like, pour everything out. And then when that reaaaally stressed out period has passed, I’m struggling to keep up with my ambitious drawing. A lot of them are unfinished though.

wiplolOther things that changed from the original sketch? Corbin is shorter, waaay shorter. On the other hand, I think Mark turned out extra tall. And those gears – I used a stock image. No way am I able to draw gears at this level. Also upped the contrast a bit because my base colours are always so dull.

On a more unrelated note.

ToasterWhen this game asked for a nickname, I wasn’t expecting things to turn out this way. This game turned incredibly hilarious with demons calling me a toaster out of nowhere.

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[ART] Beggars can’t be choosers



I don’t want to study.

I want to sit at home and play and draw.

But beggars can’t be choosers.

p/s: wordpress seems to have gotten upgraded or something.

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[NEWS] Fever fever



I planned to write this last week but since I got chased out of my own room because of fogging activities, I didn’t feel like writing everything back again.

For the past few months, even before the fasting month, more and more of my colleagues went down with fever. And lo and behold, if it ain’t dengue fever, then its not Malaysia. I myself have already got the fever once, so getting it again means that I have the privilege of experiencing dengue haemorrhagic fever.

Let’s just hope that never happens.

It was kind of interesting watching reactions of my colleagues getting dengue fever through social networks. Some of ’em took it like a man (or woman) and never said anything until someone finally realized that they were absent from the class for an entire week. Others wailed like a baby and sulked; as if sulking can actually get their health back.

I got the fever waaaay before this epidemic started. It was a Friday night; there was a sports festival and me being the couch potato, just attended for the sake of attending. Yes, we have sport festivals at night because everyone is busy in the morning. Or they haven’t woken up yet. Anyway, I felt a bit feverish halfway through the night and decided to hit the sack. The next morning, I couldn’t get up from my bed. My head was heavy with a very bad pounding headache. Turning on the lights in the bathroom was enough to make me cringe in pain and it hurts everywhere. Every limb, every joint, every movement. I didn’t eat, I could just drink and even that was painful. In my mind I was formulating all sorts of diagnosis, dengue included.

Meningitis was one. Because I had headache and photophobia. But I was still sane and alert with no neck pain or fits (but then I wouldn’t know if I had fits).

I literally cried from the pain and fumbled in the dark to find some painkillers. Once the pain subsided a little, I could finally sleep and dozed off again. Before I slept, I was thinking of how to drag myself out of bed and go the the nearest ED for help. Even if I go to the ED, they would usually ask me to come back after 3 days. No one who I know is gonna buy me food, take me to the ED or look after me in this state, not even my own housemates. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the ‘hurr I have no friends‘-thing but it was a weekend; no one is around, everyone is either going home, haven’t woken up yet or is out there berfoya-foya.

I woke up during midday with a scared notion of me dying due to dehydration and people only realizing that I’m dead once they start noticing a foul stench emanating from my room. So that afternoon, I packed whatever stuff I had, popped two painkillers and drove back home.

My parents were surprised that I busted through the door that afternoon, but even more surprised when I told them I got dengue. Anyway, the treatment for dengue is just supportive treatment (and my parents didn’t want me to get admitted) so no antibiotics or magic water is gonna heal it. But it was so difficult for me to drink, let alone eat anything – everything was almost unpalatable and the only thing I wanted to do was sleep. And even that was difficult. The young neighbors screams and shouts every day, the temperature was either too hot or too cold and I don’t even feel like sleeping after sleeping for so much but I felt too tired to do anything else besides sleep. And the vomiting – Oh God, it was a mess.

Well, eventually I finally recovered after one week of missing class. Did any of my classmates miss me? Well, maybe one or two. And right now, all my other colleagues are getting it. The health care staff comes here, I think, almost every other day to fog. I personally don’t think that fogging our hostels would help – there’s a construction site beside our hostel which I really really really think is the breeding site for the mosquitoes. And in the morning and evening, the students are either going out for classes or going out for dinner. But they keep on insisting to fog here, though I’m not complaining.

Whatever floats their boats I guess.

What more, the raining season has started! Everything is only going to get worse.

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