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[ART] Holidays are over!


Holidays are over and I am not happy! Taking into consideration that I did not study at all and I’m getting closer to the exams, I am already foreseeing a very very very stressful period. But you know what? Someone is eventually gonna pop up and tell me that “huhuhu study lagi best dari keje tau huhuhuhu”.

So what did I do over the holidays? Finishing up Nocturne. I also managed to complete my report, if that even matters. God, this game was really grindy but I finally managed to get the True Demon Ending. I have been preparing for this fight for the past 80-90 hours i.e. since I started playing, which was two months ago.¬†Eh, wasn’t so happy about the ending, but who cares.

pcsx2-r5350 2014-10-05 15-21-11-59

Towards the end of the game, you get really really really strong to the point that it’s laughably easy as compared when you started out. You go around the world steamrolling demons left and right without even thinking. Well, except for the bosses though.

demifiend demifiend2

To commemorate this occasion, I drew Toaster the Demifiend! Not used to drawing people without clothing, so I used the closest book to me which has pictures of shirtless men, Netter’s. Thank you Uncle Netter, your contribution to me understanding anatomy is truly appreciated. But Uncle Netter’s drawing of the anterior chest is always of someone whose pretty ripped, so that’s why Demifiend is a bit toned, uh, I guess.

I drew this a while back, but never bothered to post it because I was playing Digital Devil Saga 1. As compared to Nocturne, DDS1 is waaaaaay easier, I’m already at the last boss’ door step and I just clocked 30-40 hours. Everyone can learn everything and you don’t have to worry about demons filling up your slots, recruiting demons, being ditched while in a conversation, etc. What you do have to worry about in DDS is money, money and money. At one point towards the end of the game, you’d be grinding for money more than levels and everything costs millions (that’s right, millions). Another thing you should worry about is that you can face the Demifiend in battle!

I was so excited for this I forgot to read that you can only face him in your second playthrough. Oh well, I am too lazy to replay this entire game again, with Sera’s awful singing and all that love triangle thing, so I’ll just skip his fight.

…I-I’m not scared, okay?!

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[NEWS] Eclipses


There was a rumor that there was going to be a sun eclipse a few days back. My brother got really excited about it because he’s never seen an eclipse (me neither…), but whether or not it was true, I’m not so sure because we didn’t see anything. Maybe that’s the point, you’re not supposed to see anything because the sun was blocked, but it looked like any normal cloudy day on that day and it wasn’t even that dark.

And he was so looking forward to seeing it, he was persistently watching the sky and asking me the time, the poor kid.

But onto more better news.

There was a special Mushishi episode which was being released for already a few months and I didn’t even know! And there is also season two! I haven’t been keeping up with anime nowadays, since most of them – for me personally – didn’t feel like it was worth watching.

[2014.10.10_09.38.08]‘Mirror Lake’

But for those of you who, like me, has been waiting for years for a season two and it never got released and so you proceeded to read the manga, then let me tell you that the anime is exactly like the manga – as I would expect. Only with colour, voices and a little animation here and there.

But to be truly honest, I’m a bit disappointed with season 2. Maybe because I already know all the stories, so none of them come as a surprise or PLOT TWIST! to me, but I find the anime lacking. It might just be me but I find that there are too many ‘silent’ scenes – like in season 1, you would either hear the sounds of birds, people talking, rustling of the leaves or clothes or heck, even some background music to give some feels if there was no dialogue or animation going on. Plus, there’s a lot of pauses between the dialogues/Ginko’s monologue, too long at times that it’s just unnecessary, and you’re just left staring at a few still images. That being said, I personally find that there is a lot of still images. Only occasionally would you get that one still image which makes you admire the details. The music is still superb though, that’s Toshio Masuda for you.

Anyway, weren’t we talking about eclipses just now?


Incidentally, there’s an episode about an eclipse, Hihamukage/Sun-Eating Shade, and it ain’t any normal episode, it’s a special episode – 40 minutes of Ginko-ing, smoke-ing, mushi-ing, feel-ing, travel-ing, why-won’t-anybody-listen-to-the-mushishi-ing, Toshio-Masuda-ing and also a bit of Adashino-ing (this is important). This episode made me appreciate the sun, even though my room is freaking hot at peak hours. Again, the music never disappoints. I would recommend watching season 1 first before you watch this episode because at the start, it makes a special reference to all of Ginko’s past encounters. But only for those who survived, haha.


Anyway, a bit of summary.

Everyday the sun rises without fail. Sometimes, we would complain that the sun is too bright or the weather too hot. Rarely, there is the occurrence of a sun eclipse and we marvel at the occasion – only to assume that the eclipse would pass and the sun would appear again. But in one particular village, the eclipse persists and everything falters along with the sun’s light. A girl in the village who was born with a defect in not being able to withstand sunlight is finally able to go out now that the sun is gone. She refuses to help get the sun back as it will only rob her of her freedom but eventually changed her mind when she lost her own sun.

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