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[NEWS] Dodgy Attitude


I haven’t been drawing much lately because I have a lot of stuff to catch up. Like, five years of pure teaching and learning sort of catching-up. A few weeks ago, a sudden realization hit me like a truck: I’m already in my final semester! When did that happen?!

Anyway, few stuff happened here and there. Got into fights, made new friends, etc. Though one of the most prominent thing to happen was that I get to know a few people that have the ‘mengelat’ attitude. I don’t know how to translate that phrase into English, though by googling, it apparently meant someone who ‘cheats’. But from my point of view, I use this term for those who have a ‘dodgy attitude’ – those who only save their own skin. Those who can’t be trusted.

If that even makes any sense.

Wanna know what happened? Well, for this current year, almost all of us has to face a certain lecturer (let’s assign her a female gender for references sake), who has quite a military style of teaching, a ‘malignant’ lecturer, or what the veterans used to say, the ‘traditional’ method of teaching. This means that you get scolded for the slightest mistake, even if it’s not a mistake – if it was a mistake, then that’s even worse. I think almost all faculties have that one lecturer like this. So those whose entire life was coddled and have a heart made out of talcum would be crumbling at their feet and shaking in their boot (of even pissing their pants, no kidding) when facing Her.

i.e. You’re from a rich family? Shots fired. You some pretty girl who dresses herself up? The entire ward hears Her bringing her wrath upon you. You too blank to even answer? You get freakin’ told. You’re a fat kid? Better have a brain as fat as your body and answer everything right before She slams you. You started crying? Get those tissue papers, She doesn’t want you to stain the ward floor and cause someone to slip. You didn’t hear those crepitations? Bet you can start hearing it once She screams into your ears calling you some sort of filthy scum.

As much as we all hate to bear the brunt of Her anger, class is still class and attendance is a must. But this is where you get to see how people react under pressure and how they cope: those who can’t take it run away.

Of all the time in the world, just suddenly, out of nowhere, they have so-called urgent medical or dental appointments, they have to go home because their mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandmom, granddad, great grand aunt, fish, cat, hamster, dog or whatever fell sick and have to take them to the doctor, they woke up late, they have some other stuff to do, they have to finish their report, they have diarrhoea, all sorts of unacceptable excuses. Now, I would have given them the benefit of the doubt should they really really really have something more important to do at that date and time if it weren’t for the fact that when Her class gets rescheduled or being substituted by another lecturer, suddenly, these people can actually attend class.


Everyone is afraid, okay? Everyone is tense, okay? Whether we be the one presenting or you, everyone is on the edge because in the end, everyone gets screamed at no matter how well you perform. But for you to just bail out on us like that, and just go ‘oh well, good luck guys, I can’t come cuz [insert lame excuse here] so I’ll leave it to you,’ is just plain selfish because – here’s the kicker – we have to cover for your sorry behind and go under fire on your behalf.

You think you can run away? How long do you think you can before you get to be under the supervision with someone similar once you start working? This is life, it ain’t always a bed of roses. Sure, we cry and embarrass ourselves in front of everyone, but you’d think anyone else could have borne the embarrassment any better? And then bila nak present je, nak pilih lecturer yang baik je, tak nak yang garang-garang.

I don’t blame Her for being too fierce actually, I think it’s good that we get on our toes and become alert once in a while rather that being laid-back almost all of the time because most of our lecturers are ‘benign’. And I think Her teaching style is really effective if you really really take your time to think about it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. After a while, you would actually look back to that particular past experience and say to yourself, ‘Yeah, I survived that. One way or another. But I did’.

But those who ran away can’t say that. They shouldn’t even think about it. Though some of you actually have the gall to proudly declare that you ran away.

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