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[NEWS] The Maze Runner



I just finished reading The Maze Runner. I also had the urge to draw. Scribble, more like.

I heard that there was a movie about it so before I plan on watching it, might as well go through the novel. Why the sudden urge to read a novel? Because I was bored reading plain textbooks Because I recently watched Divergent and didn’t understand the plot and decided to read the novel and surprise, surprise – I discovered that the novel was different from the movie (or the movie being different from the novel). And after finished reading Divergent, a friend of mine recommended me to read The Maze Runner.

Well to be fair, a novel can take hundreds of pages to describe or explain something, develop character and backstory, insert jokes and humor whereas the movie had a limited amount of screentime to only put the key plots and characters in it.


I would say The Maze Runner was kinda good. The first few fifteen-something chapters kinda lost me, as even the main character doesn’t know whats going on and no one wanted to tell him anything. And there’s a lot of neologism, too. Things started to really pick up when he gets to enter the Maze. The novel ends with a cliffhanger and a lot was left unexplained. Probably left for the next book.

Newt and Minho were pretty much bros, I like ’em. Gotta love Newt’s accent and Minho’s sarcasm. I’ve seen the trailer. Newt and Minho looked exactly as I pictured them, or maybe even better.

I’m excited to move onto the new book, but have I exams for the entire next week.

Oh, and about Divergent? Divergent was okay too but I kinda felt that there were too many kissing scenes. To the point that I skip entire paragraphs because there were too recurrent. Tau la nak tunjuk korang ni caring sangat-sangat tapi takyah la lebih-lebih, kot ye pun.


Thanks for viewing~ Sorry for any wrongdoings of mine~ And have a nice day~



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