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Posting from my phone because I’m not getting any internet on my computer. Hmm, yes, holidays. But its just for this week and I’m just sitting at home being useless while half of my stuff is still left at my residental college. Anyway, hairstyle practice – apparently, I’m not good at drawing curly hair.


The hairstyles were referenced from images on the net. The one with the rose looks too much like Falla for me to not draw her. Come to think of it, every time I draw her, she becomes older and older. She was really just thought out on a whim; the lily was just placed in her hair because thats one of the few flowers that I can draw at that time. She was supposed to have roses.

Anyway, I just starting watching ‘Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-kun’ after someone recommended it to me. I’ve just watched eight or so episodes (I like to take my time), but so far, it’s been really entertaining. I was honestly not expecting anything exciting from yet another slice of life anime, more so with the word ‘shoujou’ slapped in the title. Is it actually slice of life? Okay, I’m not so sure about the genre. Nevertheless, shoujou manga always bored me – the heroine is almost always of a particular stereotype and the plot has been recycled to the point of ad nauseum. Oh, but this anime is different: its about a high schooler who draws shoujou manga and he’s a guy with a personality which doesn’t reflect his work. Anyone who has ever had any experience in drawing illustrations or manga may be able to relate with this series as it tells of things like difficulty naming characters, playing dating sims and purposely picking the wrong answers for kicks, ‘professional artists’ not being able to draw certain things, hurrrdurr perspective, applying manga/video games into real life and vice versa, sameface in illustrations and such.


I find the heroine to be quite tolerable and I actually like her. Too many times have I dropped watching certain anime series because the heroine is too insufferable.

Also, for some odd reason, I like hearing Miko-rin shouting, which he does quite a lot. His VA must be really into it.

Thanks for viewing~ Sorry for any wrongdoings of mine~ And have a nice day~


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Okay, so I just graduated.


Now what?


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How do you cope with acute stress disorder


I had a bit of a problem with SAI two weeks ago after my computer automatically upgraded itself. Though, a bit of internet searching did the job. But I didn’t bother with it because I was in my study week. So the previous two weeks was two weeks of crazy intensive study and the occasional siesta time. Hence this week and next week is exam week.

But dammit if I ain’t got no mood to randomly pick up some topic and read it for the 20th time. And yet, yesterday was a nightmare. So much for ‘I’ve read my notes 20 times already’. Yesterday was my clinical exam and I felt that I could’ve done better. At that moment, when I started presenting, did I understand how it felt to have the world feel unreal – the feeling of derealization. Time suddenly felt like it moved extremely fast and by the time everything ended, I kinda snapped out of it and thought – what did I just say? What did I just do? Is that it?

My examiners (there were four. FOUR) just looked at me with tight faces, like, “This kid has totally lost it.”


Even though friends kept telling me that ‘whats done is done’ I still can’t shake it out of my mind. Even though some of them were even worse than me, they were the ones consoling me. I guess I kinda over reacted to everything and acted like a drama queen when it was all over. Last night my mind was just all over the place – full of intrusive thoughts, thinking that I should’ve said this and that, and that I should’ve done this and that. The feeling that I’m actually failing and am a lost cause is there, always there. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to look at my notes so I just played games until I was too tired to think.

I have absolutely no idea how my seniors handled something like this.

Tomorrow I still have exams. And the week after.

How do you cope with acute stress disorder.

I just want this to be all over.


Anyway, here, have an unfinished drawing. I still haven’t had lunch and am too hungry to continue and I’m gonna go have a pizza.


Thanks for viewing~

Sorry for any wrongdoings of mine~

And have a nice day~



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