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He looks like a girl ahahaha. Only Kaneko can put mascara on men and still make them look like an actual man.

Here, reference.


Serph from Digital Devil Saga. Cool guy, even though he doesn’t speak. I enjoyed DDS1 – it teaches you about the joys of cannibalism, no kidding. It has some hinduism-buddisim themes I think, like Nirvana and the name of the places and such. Plus, I find the Junkyard to be a cool place and the inhabitants really weird – in a good way. Though, of all the characters in the game, I could never really – for the love of God – make myself like Sera. Maybe because she’s so useless. Maybe because she’s stupidly childish. Maybe because her singing rubbed me the wrong way. Doesn’t help that she’s the main driving force of the game and everything revolves around her.

And then I played DDS2.

And I’m like, WHAT.

I played until you need to go to the airport or something – but felt like the game was jumping the shark long before then, so I was grudgingly trudging along the whole time and I just had to stop. Spoiler alert: they made Sera a playable character in DDS2, as if my prayers for her to not be useless were answered or something, only in the worse possible way.

The worse possible way!

But this is Shin Megami Tensei we’re talking about and they’re used to making weird things happen I suppose.

Generally, from what I understand so far, Sera is the cause of everything wrong in DDS1. It’s her fault the cannibalism happened and one of your friend got so jealous of you that he attempted murder or something along those lines.

Yes, shes supposed to be that important :U But I really cannot tolerate her.


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Finally, after hundreds of gorillian years, I actually colored a building!




DSC00235DIS ‘ERE PIC OF MAI EX-FACULTY. ‘Ex’ was inserted because halfway throughout my course, the original residents of the faculty decided to kick us out. Fine la! It’s not like we wanted to live there –  we got a better faculty where people don’t displace us like you did, hmph!

Also spent another gorillion year to put in some stuff in the previous empty room. And you know what, I just realized that the toilet door is beside the window, which means that if you open the toilet door, you’ll fall straight down to your death.


Hurr ai em not architect, but I do feel silly.


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This took me an entire day to plan out, including lineart and scaling and another entire day to colour including five minutes of colur adjustment. That’s two days of being holed up in my dark room doing something as simple as this.


May hand hurts. My head hurts. My back hurts. I am so not used to this.

And I didn’t even realize that it’s already JUNE.

Whoa, when did that happen?!


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