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Dito from Drakengard 3.

He’s crazy and has a mouth which begs to be punched at but he’s somehow adorable because he wears shorts and wellington boots. He’s like a miniature version of Caim but more talkative. He also broke the 4th wall a lot.

I actually thought Zero and Dito had a thing going on throughout the game as he frequently had a line of dialogue with Zero. Turns out I was disappointed though because spoiler: in the end, he is the only disciple who Zero renounced in the last branch.

I brought this game based on this review:

Like the reviewer said, if you wanna play Drakengard 3, play Nier first, cuz Drakengard 3 is kinda hit or miss even with those who liked Nier. I don’t feel that the English VA is that bad (Liam O’Brien voiced Cent and Yuri Lowenthal voiced Dito, mmkay?), but I do agree that the dialogue can get quite vulgar. But I won’t deny that the game is very tragic in terms of plot.

Also I used a timing guide for the last boss because I suck, haha.

P/S: I still can’t accept that the entire cast pronounced Mikhail as ‘Mi-khail’ and not ‘Mi-kha-il’. 


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No more chains, please.

Reference, from the game Nier:

1435278225947I started playing Nier towards the end of my academic semester. The gameplay isn’t exactly the best, but the feels man, the feels. And also that last ending, which kinda stunned me, even though the game warned me like, four times. The OST was superb and calming. Listening to it really helped me go through my super nerve wrecking study and exam period which pushed my sanity to the limit.

I didn’t know Nier was a spin-off to Drakengard. So I went and played Drakengard 1 and …uh, these two games are completely different, haha. Drakengard 1 is basically “I don’t care what’s going on but what I know is that I must murder“. The protagonist is crazy, a psychopath; a mute psychopath at that. He kills everything: soldiers, mages, old, young, children, babies, you name it. And your company is like a ragtag bunch of misfits. Even though this is an old game, I would like to point out that the combat, which is central to the game, is atrocious. It’s so atrocious, I don’t think a lot of people would like to trudge through the game just to see the endings. But there’s a certain charm to his craziness and the protagonists relationship with his dragon is pretty interesting.

So I ordered Drakengard 3, and am currently enjoying it. But that’s for another post.

Took a while for the game to come in the mail. So while I was waiting, I played Rimworld. It’s a game about 3 colonists crash landing on a planet and the main aim of the game is to build a ship to leave said planet. Or you can stay there forever if you like it that much. You get to choose the initial three colonists and also the location of your crash so it’s not totally random. The location that you choose will affect how you play. Like, if you chose a Thundra location, it’s gonna be difficult to plant veges outside I suppose whereas if you chose a jungle location, you can grow veges all year round but there is an increased risk of getting more infection (lol, Malaysia). Also you can get raided with locals and bombarded with natural disasters. And your colonists each have their own personality: I had a demented chef who is neurotic and often gets verbally harassed by my other chef which often caused him to break down and lose his mind so he’s often seen wandering the hallways like someone with Alzheimer (oh wait, he’s demented). I had a socially inept miner who mines all day everyday alone in a hole without a care in the world and had her nose and left leg shot off. I had a researcher who had cataracts in both eyes – he is always off target in shooting but turns out he’s the best surgeon in the colony despite the fact that he can’t see what he’s cutting. I had a marine who was shot in the eye and hence can’t aim for anything but insists that she never ever ever wants to have surgery to replace her eye otherwise she’ll go into permanent PMS mode. I also had one of my colonists frequently stealing beer in the store room despite being forbidden to and she went on to binge drink and was found wasted outside.

It’s really interesting. Anyway, if the game gets too hard, you can change the difficulty anytime in the options menu, so I suggest to give the game a whirl.


I have a stock of 6000+ vegetables. Take that winter. No starving allowed in my colony.

I also played Ori and the Blind Forest.

I’ve been putting off playing it for a long time because I thought the little guy was an alien. Turns out it’s not an alien and when I did start playing, I couldn’t stop. The game is beauti-freakin’-ful in both visual and auditory (auditory?) terms, more so when the game runs at 60 fps. Full of emotion and colours which dazzle – I’m simply amazed at the amount of quality placed in the game. Hope you’re good with platforming using a keyboard; otherwise it’s much easier to use a gamepad though the controls can’t be customized and are a bit messed up. Nothing much to say about the plot, it’s pretty straight forward and much better if you experience the story first hand. My only complaint of the game is that it is too short. Too short! You can complete the game in one day if you’re good. Such a shame really.

Anyway, here are some in-game screenshots taken at the highest resolution.





Also, title screen music:


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