12 Sep


Exactly 2 months after my last post!

While everybody else has been on world tours and showing off photos of their travels with their best friends forever, I find the comfort of being in my safe haven which is my home.

Ah, the joy of the couch potato.


I think Skelly Emil should have a bigger head.

Haven’t been drawing because I’ve been studying. Yeah, studying. Studying to face hell in the future. I’m anticipating it, and I’m anticipating it well. I’ve noticed that if I draw, I can’t study. Can’t do both of them at the same time, or rather, I haven’t discovered how to do it at the same time.

Lately, I started watching random videos of Zero Punctuation and find it quite amusing, especially when he critics games that I have played, more so if I liked it. And from Zero Punctuation, I moved on to watch the Let’s Drown Out series. The videos basically boils down to two guys just playing a game while talking about random topics for an hour and I find it to be strangely entertaining at times. I’d just place the video on play and study whatever is on screen while listening to them drone on and on. The FTL and Papers, Please episode was entertaining, but I do acknowledge there are boring ones.

I’ve played a bit of Papers, Please and it’s quite amazing that Yahtzee can play it while talking, cuz I’m making 2 mistakes average per day even with maximum concentration.

Since I think that I won’t be able to draw much, or play video games much in the near future, I think I should just talk about random things like what most blogger do.

Let’s see.

When I was in my final year of high-school, everyone was getting riled up to score well. So the teachers decided that it’s a good idea to call some motivators to talk some sense into us ‘aspiring’ students. There was one particular motivator that I remember quite well; I don’t remember what he looked like to be honest, but I remembered what he said because I felt extremely (extremely) betrayed.

He said that we should not take paracetamol (or panadol, for those who’re not familiar) if we get a headache because those pills will cause neuron damage because it stays in the system for a loooong time and neurons don’t regenerate. With less neurons, you basically turn dumber and hence, you’re not gonna be the excellent straight A student that you aspired so much to be.

Yeah, my previous school was pretty hell bent on getting straight A’s for every 400 student in school.

So anyway, the naive me actually believed him. And I went through a few headaches and colds with much agony without taking paracetamol just so that I don’t turn into a dunce.

And guess what? First day of pharmacology class, I was told that paracetamol is a pain medication, works by inhibiting COX to reduce the formation of prostaglandins which are the mediators of pain and fever and that it is metabolized in the liver and that if it’s going to cause damage, it’s gonna cause liver damage first before proceeding to cause brain damage. And even then, you need to actually, purposely, take an overdose or your liver was shot in the first place for it to actually cause any harm because paracetamol has a quite well known mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, dynamics, drug-drug interaction, yada yada.

You can argue that oh oh oh liver damage can proceed to brain damage because hepatic encephalopathy cross blood brain barrier hur hur bilirubin but you have to be literally yellow for that to occur before you get to the brain damage part and even then, the delirium is reversible.

And it doesn’t stay in your system for a long time. That’s what your liver is for, to clean things up.

I guess this is how people sometimes just blindly believe things which are told to them. I’m a prime example.


Thanks for viewing~

Sorry for any wrongdoings of mine~

And have a nice day~



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2 responses to “12.09.15

  1. mau

    09/14/2015 at 05:51

    i didnt remember we had this session. probably was too busy sleeping. lol
    oh well things like this is so common in malaysia that im not surprised at all

    • x150851

      09/14/2015 at 15:23

      Well, we did have tons of motivators coming in giving us talks all day so it’s no surprise if you don’t remember a few.


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