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[NEWS] Delta P


First of all, Happy Independence Day!


Next: The adventures of Kai cleaning an aquarium.

There’s a lot of aquariums at my house. And, truth be told, none of them were ever maintained properly because my dad refuses to use a pump filter, I don’t know why. There’s five, six, seven or so aquariums and I don’t even know whether they have any fish in it because the screen is literally green with algae. So one day, I said to my dad, we gotta clean these things.

He said, okay.

So I proceeded with manual removal of the algae coated on the screen but dad said that’s gonna take ages – use a suction to get all the water out first, then wipe the screen. He took a pipe and created a vacuum with it to remove the water in the tank. You know, making a vacuum by suction using your mouth.

That was one tank cleared. More tanks to go.

I wanted to try my hand at creating a vacuum too and did what my dad did on the next tank. For some reason, it didn’t work and what I got was green aquarium water with gravel in my mouth. Holy magicarps it was disgusting – I tasted gross algae and it didn’t taste like nori at all. After looking at me trying to no avail multiple times and vomiting out green algae dad said you know, there’s another way to suction the water out:-

  • Fill a pipe with water.
  • Close both end with your thumbs.
  • Place on end in the tank and the other one outside.
  • Make sure that the one outside is lower than the one in the tank.
  • Release both ends.
  • Magic happens.

I was like, DADWHYDIDNTYOUTELLMESOONER. And then he began explaining to me the physics behind all this. But I’ve already left my physics for so long, hahaha. I think it’s called delta p or something.

Fear the delta p. It does horrible things.

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[ART] Beggars can’t be choosers



I don’t want to study.

I want to sit at home and play and draw.

But beggars can’t be choosers.

p/s: wordpress seems to have gotten upgraded or something.

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